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What is GoodID?

GoodID provides a secure and fast way to register and login to online sites, bypassing usernames and passwords. It works by establishing a secure connection between your phone and your browser, creating a secret token that is virtually unhackable.

When you want to register to a new site, you just decide what information you wish to share and GoodID takes care of the process, providing fast registration and login. When you come back to log in to your favorite sites, you will receive a message on your phone, asking you to quickly verify that you are indeed trying to access that site. With one tap on your phone, you are back in, safe in the knowledge that no one can log in as you.


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1 Download GoodID Install the GoodID app on your phone.
2 One-time setup Create a basic profile and pair your phone to your browser.
3 Browse with confidence Use GoodID to securely connect to online services.

Why should i use GoodID?

No more passwords to remember

You don’t need any special login information to use GoodID. Just your phone.

Secure surfing

With GoodID, you can rest assured knowing that no one can login as you to your favorite sites.

Streamlined registration

Easily and quickly share the details you want, and nothing more, when registering to new sites.

Your data in your hand

We don’t store any of your data. You choose what gets shared with which sites.

Protection against phishing attacks

GoodID’s built-in security protocols protect you from even the most clever phishers.

One app for all your needs

Create different profiles for different purposes - work, personal, shopping, etc.

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Why we built GoodID

Because password vulnerability is one of the biggest issues of the digital era.

About Us - The GoodID Story

We come from a background of developing high security systems on chip solutions. After many years of working on such projects with very high security requirements, we noticed one of the biggest vulnerabilities of these systems is actually getting people to use them properly. Chip cards, though highly secure, can be really inconvenient, as it’s yet another thing we have to carry around with us.

But then we had an idea - what if we take the same concept, but use it for something that everyone always has with them at all times? Thus, GoodID was born, using the same security concepts as smartcards but using your mobile phone instead of another token.

We’ve spent the last 2 years building GoodID in our top secret security lab. We wanted to find a balance between high security and convenience and create something that everyone could use everyday.

We are proud to say we are the first to the market with our concept of using the most secure elements of phones to act as security tokens for online browsing (there are a lot of lookalikes, but no one else is using as secure technologies as we are).

But in order for us to make the whole GoodID revolution a reality, we need your help. We need to encourage all websites that manage users to support GoodID as a registration and authentication solution (similar to Google+ or Facebook Connect).


What happens if I lose my phone?
Bummer! We’re sure you have much more to worry about if you’ve lost your phone than securing all of your online accounts. If you’ve PIN-protected your GoodID app, even if someone else has your phone, all your secrets are safe. If you’ve set up a backup password, you can quickly and simply reinstall all of your account info to a new device and be back up and running securely in no time.

How does GoodID really work? I mean the nitty gritty.
You asked for it! GoodID works by establishing a secure connection between your phone and your browser. The communication is protected by the key generated by the browser and shared with the end user’s mobile device during an initial pairing process. The key is an AES-256 key, the same as banks use for securing transaction data. If you want more info on any of this, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to explain it to you over the phone!

I’m a website owner and I’d like to have GoodID login enabled on my site. What can I do?
Contact us and we will provide you a step by step guide to implement GoodID on your site. Depending on which option works best for you, it can be a 5-60 minute process, but we consider this a small investment toward a future of faster registrations and better security for your users!

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