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Do you wish to provide a fast and safe login method to your users?
Use GoodID for convenient and secure user registration and authentication.

  1. Collect the required data before you start (see below)
  2. Fill out the form below to start using GoodID on your site.
  3. Implementation details will be sent to your provided email address.
  4. Contact us for help with installation!

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What are the benefits of GoodID?

Build trust with your users

Show your users you care about the security of their identities by offering them an extra safe way to register to your site.

Protect your users from phishing attacks

Easily and quickly share the details you want, and nothing more, when registering to new sites.

Acquire new users from the GoodID desktop

Your service will be listed in our app so other GoodID users know they can surf securely on your site.

Streamlined registration and login

Delight your new and existing users with a speedy registration and return login process.

Verify your users are who they say they are

Save time and money on fraud detection and claims. GoodID’s authentication service ensures returning users are who they say they are.

Easy to integrate

Whether you choose our identity-as-a-service or standalone version, installation is fast and easy. Our specialists can guide your IT team through the process in less than an hour.

To whom we recommend using GoodID?

We strongly believe that GoodID can help to all online service providers to quickly and securely identify their end-users.

However, web sites as well as end-users have different trust and security demands. So, we designed GoodID to handle the widest range of customer requirements without special configuration needs.

All important features are pre-built at its core in order to provide the most optimal balance between security and conveniency, according to your demands.



Verify your users by accepting government-issued IDs through GoodID!
*coming soon


Integrate GoodID’s premium version to have end-to-end control of user data


Use GoodID as an identity provider, similar to Facebook Connect but zero knowledge and more secure


Contact us to learn how GoodID can be optimized for your services’ needs!


Using GoodID for secure authentication will always be free.
As one of our early adopters, we are offering you a special discount on our premium packages.

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GoodID is fast and easy to set up and have it working on your site in no time.

What data do I need?

To get started, you will need to have the following data ready:

  • Your website address

    What is the exact domain name of the site where you want to put GoodID? Enter the complete domain (URL) of your site, for instance "". We only accept sites that have their own domains, so no paths after the domain, please. It can also be under a subdomain of course.
    Please note: we issue access IDs on a per-domain basis only! The access ID we issue after your registration can only be used on the exact domain that you have entered here.
  • Your site name

    What is the short name of your site? Please keep it under 100 characters.
  • Your site icon’s URL

    This can be any icon that represents your site. You can enter any URL that's available through the internet. Don't worry about hosting it yourself: we will serve it for you. Its size (image and file) should be small, around 50x50 should suffice.

Please complete this form with your data:

What are the premium features?
  • Strong identity
  • End-to-end security
  • Verified identity attributes
  • Mandatory identity attribute claims
  • Custom identity attribute claims
  • Security policy claims
  • Single sign-on
  • Mobile app integration
* More details available upon request.


How does GoodID work?
GoodID allows users to safely and securely register and login to online sites. The communication is protected by the key generated by the browser and shared with the end user’s mobile device during the pairing process. The key is an AES-256 key, the same as banks use for securing transaction data.

How long does it take to implement GoodID on my website?
To start using GoodID for user authentication, all you need to do is insert a GoodID code snippet into your website. We’ll help you generate the custom code that works for your site. Contact us and we can get started today!