Keep your data in your hands

Identification without registration and password

GoodID is a digital wallet that provides exceptionally secure identification, thus allowing you to login to websites with a single click. You can download the application free of charge; and then you can control what personal information you want to share and with whom.
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Simply secure

No need for signup
Let GoodID take care of the registration! Avoid the rigmarole of seemingly endless data entry and concentrate on what you care about: the websites themselves.

Let Passwords Be a Thing of the Past
Hard-to-remember user names and guess-and-check password entries be gone. GoodID’s encryption algorithm means ironclad login with a single click.

Your data in your hands
Using bank level encryption, GoodID stores your data on your smartphone… and only on your smartphone. Should something happen to that phone, the app can be suspended remotely and easily restored at your later convenience.

What is GoodID?

GoodID is a smartphone-based digital wallet that allowes you to share your personal data in a safer way. Its omnichannel identification service enables you to securely share the personal data you store on your mobile device with online and offline service providers alike.

With GoodID you can simply and safely login to service providers’ websites, or you can identify yourself by scanning a QR code at the service location onsite.

A Digital Vault and a Digital Key: That’s GoodID, your Identity Wallet

Automatic registration

Log in with a single click

Multiple security level options : Convenient, Normal, Strict

Available on your preferred browser, desktop or mobile device

Encrypted data storage and transfer

Automatic data synchronization between your different mobile devices

Strong Know Your Customer (KYC) identification

Secure digital signature in place of passwords

Authentication with individual PIN, fingerprint or face recognition (on suitable devices)

Multiple identity profiles

Keep track of login and personal data you shared

Complete, secure data restoration in case of lost/stolen phone

Offline ID

Digital tickets, digital loyalty cards

You can login with GoodID on these websites:

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