We bring your customers closer

Secure remote customer identification and electronic contracting - with an excellent customer experience

We bring your customers closer

Secure remote customer identification and electronic contracting - with an excellent customer experience

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About GoodID

Our vision is to build a smartphone-based customer identification ecosystem that creates a convenient and secure connection between users and service providers. This vision is underpinned by the EU’s ‘Digital Identity for Europe’ project, envisaging digital identity verification through smartphones in the future.

GoodID enables users to relocate their identity to their smartphones and share it with service providers from their digital wallets. And service providers can acquire new customers faster, more cost-effectively and digitally, while offering outstanding security and user experience.

Why use GoodID?

Customer identification and registration

  • Single-click registration using credential-based personal data
  • Verification of document and client integrity with artificial intelligence
  • Audited electronic communication device for indirect identification with NFC reading and liveness detection in compliance with the MNB Regulation 26/2020
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Customer authentication and login

  • Login without entering a username and password
  • Online and on-site login options
  • Support for strong customer authentication (SCA) required by PSD2
  • Scalable security with single and multi-factor MFA authentication

Electronic signature

  • Qualified electronic signature (e.g. eID) using qualified electronic signature creation devices (MALE)
  • Initiation of the signing process on the ittirdala.hu portal using an API suitable for business integration; signing documents in the GoodID application
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Document scanning

  • Document scanning service based on the GoodID app
  • Scanning 10,000+ documents with OCR and NFC technology
  • Direct data connection with cloud- and client-based front office systems
  • Simple use, even without integration
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Our Solutions

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GoodID Enterprise

Enterprise-compliant identification, authentication and digital signature solution with custom integration



Portal and integrated electronic signature service


Off-the-shelf solution without integration for remote personal identification and electronic document signing


Digital admissions, ticket issuance and ticket verification

GoodID benefits and advantages

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Customizable solutions with easy integration - or even without integration

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User processes within GoodID relieve the service provider from installing modules required for identification

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Reusable digital ID for faster processes

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Pre-identification of potential customers through a KYC (know-your-customer) service

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Audited electronic communication device

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Notified trust service provider

Where use GoodID?

  • Customer identification and re-identification in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act (Pmt.)
  • Customer registration and onboarding (not compliant with the Pmt. requirements)
  • Digital support sales agents (completing forms, identification, and document signing)
  • Onboarding, contracting, and authentication at customer service points
  • B2B and B2C digital contracting
  • Online registration and login
  • Documentation of insurance events (e.g. claims)
  • Document scanning and automatic data recording in front-office systems

About Us

GoodID is developed by ID&Trust Kft., a global expert in digital identification. Since its foundation in 2002, ID&Trust has achieved several successes in Hungary and internationally, both in the private and public sectors. Our prominent accomplishments include the development of the eIDAS-compliant, new-generation electronic identity card in Hungary (eID) and Italy, as well as the Japanese electronic passport and the Romanian health card.


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