Our vision and mission

The ability to sense, perceive, and ultimately identify those around us is reflexive. It’s automatic—the result of millions of years of genetic fine-tuning. And as civilization has evolved, so have identification methods: today, it’s common practice to use security IDs to gain access to parts of the physical world where nobody knows you.
But as the virtual world of the internet has expanded, anonymity has likewise deepened. So while this new digital landscape is full of opportunity, it’s also full of risk—because on the internet we are divorced from our senses, no longer capable of relying on our biology to identify the people we’re engaged with.
At GoodID, we want to help people capitalize on the benefits of the merging physical and virtual world, without falling prey to its risks.
That’s why we’re developing modes of simple, quick and secure identification: through any medium, across a myriad of contexts, with a deference to individual privacy rights. The security of our brand isn’t built on new-fangled encryption techniques. It’s built with elegant simplicity, using a method that’s as easy to explain as it is hard to crack.

Tamás Szabó

Founder and CEO of ID&Trust, Creator of GoodID

An internationally-renowned IT expert, Szabo has worked in chip-card based identification solution since 1995, and is a influencer and entrepreneur in the Hungarian digital signature market.

About us

ID&Trust Ltd. is a global expert in electronic identification and signatures.

Since our establishment in 2002, we’ve brought several unique IT products to the global marketplace, including the IDentity Suite identity card platform, the SPPS card personalization system, SmartSign Anywhere middleware, and GoodID.

Our flagship product, the IDentity Suite, is used by more the 40 million citizens in many countries as an integral part of multifunction social security cards, electronic passports, electronic IDs, driving licenses, PKI devices, and devices demanding a qualified electronic signature (BALE).

Our SPPS (Smart Preparation & Personalization System) is a favorite of card issuers and manufacturers. Covering the entirety of multipurpose identification card and smartcard issuance, this product increases the effectiveness and safety of card manufacturing and personalization, and has been used for the personalization of more than 35 million cards.

Our SmartSign Anywhere product was developed for end-users, and connects smartcards with applications and services that require electronic signature and electronic identification. It’s employed by more than 30 million users worldwide.

GoodID is a unique and pioneering solution for mobile identification that can be downloaded free of charge.

First conceived in 2003, we’ve been perfecting our simple secure solution for omnichannel customer identification, customer verification and electronic signatures ever since.

Having obtained the Common Criteria certification for all relevant products, we possess the most prestigious IT-security certifications in the region.

Major references

After providing the first SSCD in Hungary, the Hungarian Registration Card and the first e-Szigno card, ID&Trust went international, developing the Romanian health card. We’ve worked on several projects in Asia and Europe, and are responsible for the first multifunctional card solution compliant with European eIDAS regulations. That technology also serves as the basis for new Hungarian electronic ID cards, and has been used for millions of eID cards. We also are the developers behind the eSzemélyi Kliens application, which supports the use of the Hungarian eSzemélyi (eID) cards.

We strive to strengthen our position in the global electronic identification market, and to demonstrate to the public at large that our solutions enable secure and simple navigation in the increasingly interconnected world.



The foundation of ID&Trust Ltd.


Introduction of the first CC-certified BALE (G&D StarCert) in Hungary.
The SmartSign Anywhere development starts.


The development of the SPPS smartcard personalization system is launched.


e-Szigno card product launch


Development of the eID (HUNEID) specification


Development of the ELEKTRA Hungaria ITSO TS 1000 – traffic card system


IDentity Suite development launch


Development of the Romanian health card


GoodID development launch


Our first Common Criteria certification


eSzemélyi (eID card) chip application development
eSzemélyi_Kliens client development


GoodID product launch and market introduction


GoodID Wallet and KYC development