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GoodID brings innovations in digital customer identification like Apple Pay in payment.

Our purpose is to create digital ID solutions that let people take back control of their data

We strive to build a mobile customer identification ecosystem that connects users and businesses smoothly and securely.Our digital wallet lets users store their IDs on their mobiles and identify themselves in just a few taps, wherever and whenever necessary. It also connects service providers with customers in a digital, cost-efficient and paperless way.

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Szabó Tamás GoodID alapító-üzletvezető

Tamás Szabó


Havasi Zita

Zita Havasi

Chief Operating Officer

Deák András GoodID üzletfejlesztési vezető

András Deák

Head of Business Development

Marincsák Gergely GoodID

Gergely Marincsák

Head of Web Development

Lovász Dávid IT biztonsági

Dávid Lovász

IT Security Manager

Karrier a GoodID-nál

Nálunk a legújabb és leginnovatívabb IT technológiák alkalmazásával fejlődhetsz és érheted el szakmai céljaid.
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