Remote client identification in just 3 minutes

Identification with selfie with audited mean of communication compliant to AML requirement due to 26/2020 Decree of Hungarian National Bank


More than 5 million people in Hungary shop regularly online and take smooth processes, fast service and cushy digital customer experiences for granted. And they expect the same from other service providers, too.

How contract signing works

Okmányok beolvasása

Scanning documents

Using OCR and NFC technology as well as video and photo selfies, GoodID Onboarding scans identity documents for a fast online contract signing process.

Electronic signature

GoodID lets users sign contracts electronically in compliance with the Civil Code.


Automated verification

A built-in solution verifies documents automatically. Operator approval can be added to the process as an extra step.

Digitális ügyfél-azonosítás: harc az ügyfelekért? Olvassa el a legújabb tanulmányunkat arról, hogyan tehető a digitális értékesítés egyszerűbbé, gyorsabbá és költséghatékonyabbá!


Who can make the most of it?


Banks and financial service providers


State authorities


Utilities companies


Telecommuni- cations companies


Quick customer acquisition

Smart scanning significantly decreases the amount of manual data recording, while photo and video selfies allow for a faster customer verification process online.

Data quality guaranteed

The authenticity and validity of documents are checked in central databases to make sure that the data is as clean as possible and can be digitally processed right away.

Automated sales processes

Automation makes it possible to fully or partially automatize contract signing, depending on the level of risks involved, and optimize back-office resources.

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