Frequently Asked Questions

A QR code (Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional barcode that can be used to encode information, such as a link, that can be read by applications.

Some phones (e.g. iPhone and some Android devices) have a built-in QR code reader: if you open your camera app and point it at the code, a small window appears, which you can click to get to the link in the QR code.

If your device doesn’t have a QR code reader by default, you can read QR codes on Android devices by installing any QR code reader available on Google Play.

QR code reading is not a prerequisite for pairing the PMS workstation with GoodID. The pairing must be done with the GoodID QR reader.

Yes. The system allows 30 characters, so you have the option to enter a workstation ID that is easy to remember and conversational. The last three characters of the workstation ID are generated by the system and cannot be changed.

You may have reached the limit of workstations you have subscribed to. Subscribe to an additional workstation. Please contact with your company name and the number of additional workstations you want. Our colleagues will modify the contract and send you the link to modify your subscription by e-mail.

You may be using PMS in multiple browsers with which you have paired GoodID Scanner. For the workstation browser PMS, it actually refers to a specific browser type. For example, if you have paired GoodID once in Chrome and once in Firefox, it counts as two workstations. We recommend that you delete one workstation in the GoodID application and clear cookies from one browser.

Yes. If you operate multiple legal entities, you can pair all your workstations with your phone.

You have reached the number of workstations you requested when ordering GoodID Scanner. For example, if you ordered two workstations in total, you can only use two browsers.

The workstation is actually a specific browser type. For example, if you’ve paired GoodID once in Chrome and once in Firefox, that counts as two workstations. We recommend that you delete one of the workstations in the GoodID app and clear the cookies from one of the browsers.

Yes, in this case you will need to re-pair your browser with your mobile device.

If you are using a cloud-based PMS system (running in a browser), you cannot read a document without the internet.

Yes. Go to the Settings menu of your PMS GoodID Scanner and enter the license code and workstation ID.

Check the following:

  • Is the internet working on your phone?
  • Is the GoodID in document scanning mode?
  • Do you have a paired workstation with GoodID?
  • Have you not deleted cookies on the browser of the workstation where you use PMS?
  • Are you sure you tried to scan the document supported by the system?
  • Check that you have selected the correct document to scan (passport, ID card, driving licence).
  • Make sure the camera on the phone is clean and damage-free (no fingerprints or other dirt).
  • The document to be scanned must be clean and undamaged.
  • Do not cover up the data fields of the document and make sure that the edges of the card and rounded corners are clearly visible (especially in the case of card format documents).
  • Ensure adequate lighting conditions: no shadows should be cast on the document and the surface of the document should not be shiny.

If the GoodID Scanner still does not work and you have tried all the options described above, please forward the following to

  • Name of accommodation
  • Which country’s document type you tried to scan.
  • Exact type of phone (e.g. Samsung), model number (e.g. A52) and operating system version number (e.g. Android 10).

NFC (Near-Field Communication) is a set of short-range standards for communication between smartphones and similar devices, typically mobile devices, by touching or placing them very close to each other (up to a few centimetres).

If this acronym is included on the phone’s technical sheet, documents containing the chip can be read more easily and with fewer errors with this feature. This is the case, for example, with the new type of eID for Hungary (in circulation since 2016) or the world passport.

  • You may be using a mobile phone case that is shielding the NFC antenna. We recommend that you do not use a mobile case.
  • Do not have any other chip cards nearby, or two documents accidentally caught together.
  • For some phones you may need to specifically allow NFC use for the app (e.g. Xiaomi phones). In this case, long press the GoodID icon, select the App Info menu and enable NFC use under Other permissions.
  • On the phone you need to find out where the antenna is located, it is recommended to slowly swipe the document along the back of the phone.

It is possible that the document is damaged and the antenna inside is broken (this is not really visible from the outside, but it can happen with a damaged document that has a crack or breakage on it) Press the Cancel / Skip button and continue scanning the document.

If you have tried all the options described above, and your GoodID Scanner does not work with multiple NFC-enabled documents, please forward the following to

  • What type of documents from which country were you trying to scan.
  • Exact type of phone (e.g. Samsung), model number (e.g. A52) and operating system version number (e.g. Android 10).

If the app has Wallet in the header, GoodID is not in document scanning mode, so your document data is not getting to PMS. Delete the document from the wallet and switch to document reader mode using the icon in the top left corner. If the icon is not visible in the top left corner, it may be because you have previously unpaired the application with the workstation.

The same workstation can be paired with multiple GoodIDs, so all receptionists and hotel staff can send document data to it from their own phones.

If multiple workstations are used in a hotel, the user can choose on their phone to which workstation they want to send the scanned data.

Download the GoodID application and pair it again with the PMS software using the Setup Guide for your PMS and the functionality will be available again.

By enabling the “Send Data over the Internet” feature, the GoodID application sends encrypted document data over the Internet to the GoodID Scanner Client, so that the GoodID application and the GoodID Scanner Client do not need to be on the same network to transmit document data.