GoodID Scanner Client FAQ

When installing, please pay attention to the following:

  • Installation requires administrator permissions.
  • Allow access to the GoodID Scanner Client application in the Windows firewall.

Open the browser in which you are using Oracle Opera Cloud and enter the following URL in the address field:

Google Chrome:
Select „advanced” and click on the “Proceed to (unsafe)” link.

Microsoft Edge:
Select „advanced” and click on the “Continue to (unsafe)” link.

Mozilla Firefox:
On the page that appears, select „advanced”. click on “Accept the Risk and Continue”.

A “Done” message will appear in the browser, after which you can continue to use the GoodID Scanner Client without any further difficulties.

The application will be installed in the following folder:

Your GoodID Scanner contact can help you in this case, please contact them.

Please check the following:

  • you are using the latest GoodID Scanner Client application and GoodID application.
  • the GoodID application and the devices running GoodID Scanner Client are connected to the Internet.
  • you have entered the correct licence code.

Then, please restart the GoodID mobile app and re-pair the application.

Check on the firewall/router that communication between the GoodID Scanner Client and the GoodID application is not disabled.

If the above does not solve the problem, please send the logs to support.

If you enter a licence code, but the input box remains red and you cannot save the settings, you have entered the wrong licence code, or you have no internet access. Please check that you have entered the correct licence code and your internet connection works.

After a successful pairing, enable the internet data transfer feature in the GoodID mobile app for reliable operation. You can do this by enabling the “Send data via internet” function in the “Settings” menu.

If the pairing is successful, a check mark appears on the QR code, the window closes automatically and the GoodID application switches to document scanning mode.

Choose “A” or “M” in the top right of the window.

When contacting us, please:

  1. Describe the failure event and the process and steps by which it was run to failure.
  2. Please send the logs of the GoodID mobile application and the GoodID Scanner Client, and the ids provided by the applications.
  3. If possible, please attach a screenshot of the error or send the logs.

Please send us the logs of the GoodID application as described in the GoodID Scanner User Manual and include the submission ID provided by the GoodID mobile application (e.g., 1234-1234-1234).

You can send the GoodID Scanner Client logs using the About… -> System info > Send function. Please include the GoodID Scanner Client submission ID (e.g., 1234-1234-1234) with your error report.

Your error report will be received at the following email address (CET 9:00 – 17:00):