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Mobile ID scanning and remote verification solution for hotels and accommodation providers

Winner of the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association’s Innovation Award

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goodID Scaner logo white

Mobile ID scanning and remote verification solution for hotels and accommodation providers

Winner of the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association’s Innovation Award

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Speed up the ID document verification process with an audited electronic communication device

The 2021 winner of the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association’s Innovation Award, trusted by more than 800 hotels and used for over 500,000 scans* so far.

*As of April 2022, based on our data.

Remote ID verification

Let your guests check in before they arrive and save them and your staff the hassle of completing paperwork and scanning documents. GoodID Scanner transfers guests’ document and personal details from their GoodID digital wallets straight into GoodID Scanner, allowing them to proceed to their rooms without even having to meet you and show their IDs upon arrival. And does so with maximum speed and security.

Where to use

a Online bejelentkezes

a) Online check-in: submitting ID document scans and personal details online

Allow your guests to check in remotely without the hassle and wait at the reception desk.

b Vendegerkeztetes

b) Remote check-in without physical contact

Ask your guests to scan their ID documents and take a selfie, just like they would when opening a bank account, to share with GoodID Scanner. All you need to do is check the selfie against their ID document photo.

c Csoportos okmanyolvasas

c) Multiple verification

The guest who made the reservation can scan and submit the ID documents of all the guests arriving with them.

Try our demo platform to connect GoodID mobile application with your mobile browser, scan any kind of ID card and see how easily GoodID reads and records data.

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Who is it for?



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Ideal for hotels who use property management software but are looking for a more cost-efficient solution

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Check guests’ ID documents prior to arrival and curb check-in times with multiple verification


Guest houses

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Offers better value for money than physical document readers

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Use remote ID verification to ensure that the right room goes to the right guest without any physical interaction


Seasonal accommodation providers

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No technology investment required – a perfect solution for seasonal use



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Benefit from paperless, deviceless on-premises check-in

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Scan guest ID documents remotely during the check-in process


8+1 reasons to get GoodID Scanner now


Easy to use

Subscribe to GoodID Scanner, then download and install the app to start using the service right away on your Android or iOS device.



No fixed-term contract and no need to purchase expensive physical scanners – your subscription will cover all your ID verification needs.



Install the app on multiple smartphones and enjoy shorter waiting times at the reception area due to GoodID Scanner’s 2-3-second reading time.



Ready to deploy and use immediately.



Scan documents anywhere – at or away from the reception desk.



Backed by audited, certified security practices, we have been developing digital verification solutions for over two decades and have gained global expertise in chip-based identity verification.



GoodID Scanner encompasses the key functions of other devices in the market, such as optical character recognition and chip reading, along with remote ID verification functionality.



No fine print and no maintenance, upgrade or hidden costs either.


Extensive documentand data processing

Our ID and data scanner can read over 10,000 different types of ID and travel documents and request users to submit additional data for check-in, such as their licence plate number.

How to get GoodID Scanner?

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About us

GoodID has been created by ID&Trust, a global expert in digital verification technologies. Founded in 2002, ID&Trust has worked on pioneering projects, both local and international, for private and public organizations. We have developed an electronic passport solution in Japan, health cards in Romania and multifunctional, eIDAS-compliant electronic ID cards in Hungary.

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